Hyphens Haven

Grammy Award® Producer Billy Hume

February 05, 2023 Dréa Lewis Season 1 Episode 7
Hyphens Haven
Grammy Award® Producer Billy Hume
Show Notes

On music's biggest night, we spotlight Billy Hume,  an artist who is a Producer,  Mixer, Musician, and Songwriter who has worked on multiple Gold & Platinum Certified records, and is a Grammy Award® winner himself. 

Some of the artists he’s worked with include: Bone Crusher, Lil Jon,  Infamous StringDusters, Ying Yang Twins, Rehab, and Ludacris. 

His recording and mixing sessions are streaming live on Twitch and YouTube “Freaking out with Billy Hume”, and he’s making a documentary about his studio The Zone. It was one of the first basement studios to delve into digital recording and produced numerous hit records.


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