Hyphens Haven

Shirlee Idzakovich - Costume Designer, Stylist, Tailor

April 05, 2023 Dréa Lewis Season 1 Episode 15
Hyphens Haven
Shirlee Idzakovich - Costume Designer, Stylist, Tailor
Show Notes

Shirlee Idzakovich
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Shirlee Idzakovich is a New York City and Los Angeles based costume designer with over 100 builds under her name! Some of the artists she’s worked with include: Madonna, Billie Eilish, Viola Davis, and Mariah Carey! She’s also passionate about teaching the next generation the way it really works in a professional costume shop. She is a curriculum/editor and writer for the National Arts Association/National Education Association for high schools in costume design and construction. In fact, she has costumed in 41 states and 3 continents, and her goal is to teach in every state and every continent over the next few years!

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